So I’ve decided to start a blog…

Cassandra Fear

Hello there… *peers over the top of the laptop screen*

So I initially started this post in June of 2015, and got as far as the title before I was stricken with a combination of blog panic and lack of time and set it aside. Nearly a year later I find myself on a business trip, holed up in a hotel room, and ready to write.

As many of you know, we started a new concept about a month and a half ago called Confection Chaos. To start, this will be the main focus of this blog and I will go from there. For now, this is how Confection Chaos was born:

On March 3rd, I found myself at The Side Quest (as I often do), surrounded by friends Ryan,  Ellie, and Nick (of Geek Eclectic). After a few drinks we decided that the next day they would all congregate at the shop and we would bake cinnamon buns and sticky buns along with a random dessert. After further discussion (and more drinks) we decided that we would meet, as often as possible, on Fridays and make a dessert of the week that we would sell at the shop. The dessert would be chosen via our “tip wars” tip jar voting system, and would go on sale from whenever it was finished until sold out.

So the next day the 4 of us met at the shop, baked the Sticky Buns (and ate the cinnamon buns Nick had baked before coming in), and started baking chocolate mini-cakes with ZERO plan for what the final dessert would be. Luckily I had my new Stay Puft Apron set to get me through.


When the 20+ cakes were done, we had no idea what to do, so we decided to make 2-layer torte cakes. We stacked them with cardamom whiskey ganache and dressed them with dark chocolate buttercream. Lisa was able to make it into work in time to help us finish the desserts and give them a clever name…


The inaugural Confection Chaos announcement and Chaos Crew: CARDAMOM COMPLEX


Click here for a video of some of our inaugural shenanigans. Warning: Language and dance moves may be NSFW.  😉


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